Tektonika-Encoder - 09. Nov - Feedback

Tektonika-Encoder - 09. Nov - Feedback
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Predrag Vukadinovic aka Dj Pedja(Tektonika) was born in Nis, Serbia, in 1980.
DJing and music were always part of Pedja's background: When techno started filtering through to Serbia in the early 90's, Pedja eagerly entered the scene. At the age of 17, he had his first performance as a Dj in the line up with Dj Vukadin and Dj Spirko. He showed excellent skill to dj stand. He founded an organization named Rephlex moves with Dj Vukadin and performed in the most powerful club Velvet Undreground. In the beginning of the 21 th century Electric Green, Mass Illusion and Tektonika organized many techno parties in local clubs. At that time he had gigs all over the country with his good friend Dj Zaza, played on 3 decks. He shared the decks with many well known names of Serbian Dj scene and world famous Djs:Umek,Valentino Kanzyani,Misjah,Jim Masters,Stanny Fransen,Johan Bacto,Hardcell,Danilo Vigorito,Brenda Russel,John Terry,Marco Carola,John Aquaviva,Billy Nasty,Jel Ford...Podunavac.Milicevic,Nastic,Tamamovic,Tomic..Tektonika organized the event with the famous Charles Siegling from Technasia and dozens of events with local DJs. Played at all important festivals and events in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia.
Milenko was born in Nis, Serbia in 1986. He started showing affection for the techno culture very early in his life and has been attending the Nis and Belgrade techno events regulary ever since.In 2003, he bought his own equipemnt, desiring to contribute the development of the techno music himself.
Milenko has preformed in the majority of the Nis clubs and in meny other cities all aroun Serbia, Croatia , Montenegro , Bosnia as well.
Milenko got involved in the production in 2005.two years later,in 2007,he created his own home-studio and started working more professionally.
He has shared the dj stand with names such as Dave Clarke , A Paul , Marco Bailey, Alexander Kowalski , The Yellowheads, Skober, Tom Hades , Billy Nasty, Petar Dundov , Alex Smoke ,Boza Podunavac , Dejan Milicevic, Mladen Tomic, Sinisa Tamamovic, Kobaja ,Veztax , Dr. Adji , Speedy …and many other respected techno killers